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SEO packages proven to save time and money and easy to outsource system.

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SEO is the most effective way to boost the traffic of your website.

In order to do so you need to hire a SEO company which will help you in the task. There are many companies in India which sell their services in so called SEO packages which consist of different services and depending on the price of the pack they contain different amount of these services. There are many Indian website owners out there who are looking for a way to expand their business. There are many small and meduim-sized businesses in India who dram of expanding to new heights. In order to do that you sometimes need to look beyond the borders of your country.

The internal market can’t always assure you in a decent increase of the volume of your business and this is why many people turn to international market. But there is one problem – outside of India there aren’t many people who actually speak Hindi. This may not concern someone who is only locally based and has website written in Hindi but when you turn to international market you will stumble upon a problem since your traffic wouldn’t boost much because people won’t really understand what you are offering. This is why many websites today have English as their second or main language.

This way you can assure yourself that more people will understand what you offer when they come across your website. But to increase your traffic you will still need SEO and here is the difference between the classic SEO and the International SEO.

International SEO is used to target people who don’t speak your native language.

This is the most significant difference between the two kinds of SEO. Still you can start off with a single SEO package only for India and when you feel ready then turn yo International SEO. But there are still some risks connected with SEO. The biggest problem with SEO packages is that they may have some outdated tactics which will lead to more problems for you and will be a complete waste of money and time by your side. In order to prevent yourself from purchasing this kind of package you need to do some research on what are the best SEO techniques available and look for them when choosing a package.

This problem is very recurring so you have to be careful and never go rushing in. Don’t take this task ligthly and leave things to chance because after all here we are talking about a very important investment for you and your future. When you feel ready and want to make a name for yourself you should turn to expansion beyond your country.

Here is where you can turn to International SEO for help. After all International SEO is still SEO but it can help you go outsite of India with ease and reach new heights. In the end you can reach your goal no matter how big it is thanks to SEO packages.

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SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. The turn point in marketing of the century.

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A big mistake that many businessess make is that when it comes to SEO it optimizes their website at the cost of their clients. Have you ever came across a website while searching for a product, only to be welcomed with huge amounts of content on top of a poor design? This resulted in you leaving the site and a possible lost sale for that business.

Here are some tips to help you avoid this kind of scenario and create a website loved by both your clients and the search engines.

Step 1: Know your customer

This may seem obvious but many business owners design their website based on what they like rather than on what their customers would like. The way you perceive your services or products may differ from the way your customers perceive them.

If you aren’t aware yet then figure out what your current customers buy from you and make it apparent on your website.

Step 2: Don’t be perfectionists

Websites don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be useful.

This doesn’t mean your website shouldn’t be appealing. But instead you can focus your energy on creating aesthetics that will be liked by your clients, underline credibility and improve your brand.

Different clients like different aesthetics. For example, if you are targeted audience is males between 18 and 30 the colors, fonts and images would greatly differ than if you are targeting women between 14 and 18.

If you want to underline your credibility and improve your brand you can try hiring a professional designer. A poorly designed website can push away potential customers.

Step 3: Good content

The content on your website should inform the reader rather than attract the search engines. Your content has to be well-written and to have a purpose. Bad grammar and lack of clear purpose can push away readers and result in a loss of potential customers.

For all the pages on your website ask yourself these questions

• What purpose does this page have?

• Can this information be valuable to my customers?

• What impression do I want to make?

• What action do I want the reader to take?

Step 4: Simple navigation

A user-friendly navigation can make your customers travel quickly and conveniently around your website. You can incorporate navigation both at the top and bottom of the pages so your clients have easy access to it. If the site has many pages consider a drop-down menu for easier access to more pages. Another alternative for access to more pages is the sidebar menu.


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6 hints to distinguish the good SEO company from the crowd.

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Everyone has heard about the negative rumors that SEO is dying. After all the criticism pointed at SEO out there you might start asking yourself some questions like: Is my SEO company as good as it claims to be? What results have they accomplished? To help you out in a situation like this I will give you some advice on how a good SEO company looks like. If some of these warnings are present with your SEO company then they probably aren’t as good as they claim.

1. Unreal numbers

When you stumble across a company that offers 100 directory submissions, 300 article submissions, etc. you should probably just pass them by.

These links are usually automated and this means they are the so-called ‘webspam’. Another bad sign is if these links come in packages and are cheap. In the world of SEO you get what you pay for.

The outdated tactics of backlink spam might work sometimes but they aren’t as effective as they once were. Also you put yourself in danger by adding dirt to your backlink profile. This can send negative signals that cause loss of traffic.

2. Absence of track records

Can the company offer you any impressive examples or references? What are the results they have accomplished? Some of the metrics that should be considered are:

• Organic traffic

• Organic traffic revenue

• Number of organic keywords

• Conversion rate

Ask them about their most successful project. Does it go along with your online marketing needs or do they only talk about metrics?

Look for some accomplishments on their website. If they aren’t any ask them for some references. If they aren’t able to provide neither then here’s another sign.

3. They concentrate on the rankings

Rankings are important to a successful SEO campaign but there are other factors that should be considered. After all you are just trying to make more money online. Being ranked #1 for a low competition, low volume keywords don’t help your business at all. When researching keywords look for the some of the factors below:

• Relevance

• Traffic

• Commercial intent

• Adequate competition

You can start your research with keywords that perform well.

If the SEO company is only talking about rankings do some research and see what metrics they put on top. Is their focus primarily on rankings or traffic and conversions?

4. Cookie Cutter Packs

If you see some packages that contain unrealistic promises then they probably can’t be fulfilled. If SEO was easy every website would be on the top results for their dream keywords. All websites differ and the needed work is almost never the same.

Just avoid this kind of packages.

5. They write for the search engines, not for people

Does your SEO company’s writing leave you wondering why is this even written in the first place? Is there something that can be useful? You can apply this principle when you publish their articles: ask yourself “Would I post this on Facebook?” If the answer is no then you have to start over. The content you post is of great value as it builds trust with your readers. If you give them something valuable then you shall be remembered. It is true that the search engines might give you some credit if your content is well optimized but the returns you will gain are not as valuable as when building trust with a potential customer.

If your SEO company can’t help you produce great content then it might be best to tell them to stop producing any content as it might be of bad influence for your business.


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How to find Affordable SEO services for your startup or business? Five steps to achieve it.

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How seo changed the world and why SEO is the most modern form of marketing.

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I’m 100% sure you have all came across at least one post named something like “Social Media is the brand new SEO” or “Content marketing – the new SEO”. As a matter of fact the Google search results show around 4.5 million queries titled ”Title: the new SEO”,

It’s kind of obvious that there aren’t that many posts out there with the same title but it kind of feels that way sometimes. But the 3,080 results returned from inurl:is-the-new-seo show that there are a lot of authors out there that are eager to redefine SEO.

Let me get this straight, there is and never will be “new SEO”!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Websites rise and fall but SEO never changes. It has been for some time and will remain for some more.

Is it too hard?

Some time ago when the RDFa was at its prime nobody started claiming it to be the new SEO. And the reason is simple – it’s not easy. It requires a lot of effort to understand it. Yes, it has a lot of benefits, but most of the people interested in benefits look for things that require little to no effort. So for most people RDFa didn’t match the criteria.

Things like Pinterest and Twitter become an overnight success very easily. They require a lot less effort than something like learning an new markup language. Some developers have even created single-button browser add-ons that allow you to Pin an image or Tweet a page. This makes your life so much easier, right?

Before social media became the new SEO, we saw a lot of people claim content marketing is the new SEO. There was a time when some people were promoting forum signatures, blog comments, etc. as well.

And now of course the number of posts and websites which praise guest blogging is gradually decreasing.

My point here is that many people choose the easy way out in a lot of things, in what they do and what they write.

Why should it be easy?

Nowadays everyone who barely knows how to spell SEO starts claiming that he is a real expert. Then they start working with unsuspecting customers, who are screwed in the end, while the so called experts constantly peek at their PayPal account.

Allowing this kind of people to use their easily detectable and outdated techniques does injustice to any real SEO professional. In fact, we are just lowering the bar even further by allowing these people to continue working without a challenge.

Still you can find a handful of posts with techniques which are either outdated or have never been good enough to work. And most authors never think about how most people read whatever they can find on a subject so they can understand it better. This makes them unable to tell the difference between the good and the bad.

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What is most important in search engine optimization local businesses.

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All international SEO need localization as it helps your brand to establish a connection with a location by using the words, terms and behaviors of people from a certain region. Instead of using a generic search term hoping that it’s used universally, you want to use the terminology and language used by your targeted audience.

All in all, localization is making some of the content on your website to be tailored for a specific place or region. This means anything from terms that are only known to the local users to using map locations that are located nearby the targeted area.

It’s true that every country is different but here are some ideas on how to approach localization.

First steps in localization

Before you begin your efforts in localization you need to do some research. The Internet has many stories about badly translated advertisements, so don’t be fooled that you can just pay for direct translation and everything will work out. Let’s assume you are investing in an international SEO and you are serious about localization in a new country. Understand your future customers:

  • How is your product used by them?
  • From where do they acquire it?
  • What name have they given it?
  • Who do you have to outrun on the local market?
  • Is there some cultural sensitivity about your product that you should be aware of?

These questions are required in order to put together a solid marketing strategy and also they will help you create an inbound linking strategy which will help your SEO be even more successful.

Finding the right keywords

Even something like sandwiches is called different ways in different countries. This is why a generic set of keywords will not be enough to succeed.

Not only that the products are referred to with different names in different countries, but sometimes they are called differently in different regions within one country.

In order to truly understand how your new audience in this country will respond to your product or service you need to do a lot of research:

  • Look up the ways your competition is advertising their product or service in the same market.
  • Find where your competitors get their inbound links from.
  • Read some blogs and other similar sources to see how local people react to these products and services.
  • Ask some people from the region how will they react to potential new content.

Doing a little bit of research will help you out a lot to see if you are going in the right direction or you need to adjust a little more to the locals.

Some additional ideas

Make sure you add physical locations in other countries on Google Places and complete some additional profiles which will add credibility to your international location. This will also help you in the localized searches.

If you have any locals to the targeted country and region you should consider having them start blogging and contributing content on the targeted domain and its subdomains. This gives you some inbound links from within the targeted country and complements to a multi-country strategy as well.


Localization is the difference between creating a strategy that will allow you to truly connect with your audience and doing a generic SEO campaign with hopes of success thanks to luck. Take your time; understand your audience and their behavior, preferences and habits and your effort will surely pay off.

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4 things you should have in mind when going for SEO Company.

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1. Period of working together

If you have spent time looking up SEO prices you definitely have noticed there is a big variety in the available services and prices. The top SEO companies know exactly what they are capable of. Unfortunately in the SEO business paying more money doesn’t assure you that the work is going to be of a better level. In fact, there are a lot of scammers who promise you big things which they can’t fulfill because either they don’t possess necessary knowledge or they just don’t have the intention of doing it. I can only advice you to be cautious and use your common sense.

Be sure to understand that the company which you will choose should be looked at as a long term partner rather than a single service provider. High quality SEO will provide your business with more sales and should lead to additional strategies recommended by your marketing partner. While you are looking for that partner if you have an attitude that this will be a one time job then it’s highly likely that you will choose a company that will not provide good enough results.

I personally recommend you to work with a provider that understands SEO when it comes to ROI for your business. If the company you’re considering can’t provide you with a forecast of the value of SEO to your business then it’s quite likely that they don’t understand business good enough in order to provide you with long term successful SEO services. I would recommend establishing a benchmark and making a ROI based goal for your campaign so that you can measure the effectiveness of SEO in the end.

All in all the goal here is to evaluate the providers in a long term scope when choosing a SEO company because successful SEO lead to long term relationships. One time jobs too bear some result but in the end they just fall behind because the provider is already thinking about their next job.

2. Communication

Communication is a big factor for successful SEO campaigns. It’s important to find out who will work with your account from the very beginning. Quite often the SEO salesman is not the same person that does the actual work. Although this person is probably going to be a good communicator it’s a good idea to meet the team that stands behind him so you can get a better idea of how the organization works.

It’s a good idea to discuss how often you will get updates of your account. Since SEO work often takes months to get an actual result in the SERPS it’s important to define communication expectations with your SEO company and build mutual trust and respect.

3. Accountability plan

SEO is a bit abstract and impalpable which leads to more potential problems regarding customer satisfaction. The results are there in the end but often the development and strategy of this result are a bit elusive to customers.

With good communication in place, a lot of the issues should be at ease but still there should be some visibility of the actual workload performed by the SEO company. This helps you to understand the amount of work that goes to a successful SEO campaign and also helps the SEO company provide the customer with some satisfaction. When the results don’t come as fast as you expected it really pays off if you have established an accountability plan.

This plan could be an online project management system where all work is recorded or it could be a simple Excel spreadsheet with the tasks performed. No matter the mechanism it’s important to define an accountability plan and stick with it. You may not see any value in accountability if everything is going great but you have to prepare yourself for obstacles in SEO or you will fail in the end. The accountability plan can be interlaced with your communication plan for maximum satisfaction.

4. Analytics

Analytics should be an important part of your decision. Analytics provide you with the data but in the end the most important thing is what you do with that data. Anyone can print a report on Google Analytics but the ability to draw insights from the data is of great value. If the SEO company provides reports without recommendations then in my opinion they aren’t focused enough on the optimization of your website. Analytics will give you the required data to make the right decision for your online marketing strategy. The goal is to work with a company that is able to explain the analytics to you using business terms that make sense and this way assure you that your requirements are met.

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