4 things you should have in mind when going for SEO Company.

1. Period of working together

If you have spent time looking up SEO prices you definitely have noticed there is a big variety in the available services and prices. The top SEO companies know exactly what they are capable of. Unfortunately in the SEO business paying more money doesn’t assure you that the work is going to be of a better level. In fact, there are a lot of scammers who promise you big things which they can’t fulfill because either they don’t possess necessary knowledge or they just don’t have the intention of doing it. I can only advice you to be cautious and use your common sense.

Be sure to understand that the company which you will choose should be looked at as a long term partner rather than a single service provider. High quality SEO will provide your business with more sales and should lead to additional strategies recommended by your marketing partner. While you are looking for that partner if you have an attitude that this will be a one time job then it’s highly likely that you will choose a company that will not provide good enough results.

I personally recommend you to work with a provider that understands SEO when it comes to ROI for your business. If the company you’re considering can’t provide you with a forecast of the value of SEO to your business then it’s quite likely that they don’t understand business good enough in order to provide you with long term successful SEO services. I would recommend establishing a benchmark and making a ROI based goal for your campaign so that you can measure the effectiveness of SEO in the end.

All in all the goal here is to evaluate the providers in a long term scope when choosing a SEO company because successful SEO lead to long term relationships. One time jobs too bear some result but in the end they just fall behind because the provider is already thinking about their next job.

2. Communication

Communication is a big factor for successful SEO campaigns. It’s important to find out who will work with your account from the very beginning. Quite often the SEO salesman is not the same person that does the actual work. Although this person is probably going to be a good communicator it’s a good idea to meet the team that stands behind him so you can get a better idea of how the organization works.

It’s a good idea to discuss how often you will get updates of your account. Since SEO work often takes months to get an actual result in the SERPS it’s important to define communication expectations with your SEO company and build mutual trust and respect.

3. Accountability plan

SEO is a bit abstract and impalpable which leads to more potential problems regarding customer satisfaction. The results are there in the end but often the development and strategy of this result are a bit elusive to customers.

With good communication in place, a lot of the issues should be at ease but still there should be some visibility of the actual workload performed by the SEO company. This helps you to understand the amount of work that goes to a successful SEO campaign and also helps the SEO company provide the customer with some satisfaction. When the results don’t come as fast as you expected it really pays off if you have established an accountability plan.

This plan could be an online project management system where all work is recorded or it could be a simple Excel spreadsheet with the tasks performed. No matter the mechanism it’s important to define an accountability plan and stick with it. You may not see any value in accountability if everything is going great but you have to prepare yourself for obstacles in SEO or you will fail in the end. The accountability plan can be interlaced with your communication plan for maximum satisfaction.

4. Analytics

Analytics should be an important part of your decision. Analytics provide you with the data but in the end the most important thing is what you do with that data. Anyone can print a report on Google Analytics but the ability to draw insights from the data is of great value. If the SEO company provides reports without recommendations then in my opinion they aren’t focused enough on the optimization of your website. Analytics will give you the required data to make the right decision for your online marketing strategy. The goal is to work with a company that is able to explain the analytics to you using business terms that make sense and this way assure you that your requirements are met.

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