6 hints to distinguish the good SEO company from the crowd.

Everyone has heard about the negative rumors that SEO is dying. After all the criticism pointed at SEO out there you might start asking yourself some questions like: Is my SEO company as good as it claims to be? What results have they accomplished? To help you out in a situation like this I will give you some advice on how a good SEO company looks like. If some of these warnings are present with your SEO company then they probably aren’t as good as they claim.

1. Unreal numbers

When you stumble across a company that offers 100 directory submissions, 300 article submissions, etc. you should probably just pass them by.

These links are usually automated and this means they are the so-called ‘webspam’. Another bad sign is if these links come in packages and are cheap. In the world of SEO you get what you pay for.

The outdated tactics of backlink spam might work sometimes but they aren’t as effective as they once were. Also you put yourself in danger by adding dirt to your backlink profile. This can send negative signals that cause loss of traffic.

2. Absence of track records

Can the company offer you any impressive examples or references? What are the results they have accomplished? Some of the metrics that should be considered are:

• Organic traffic

• Organic traffic revenue

• Number of organic keywords

• Conversion rate

Ask them about their most successful project. Does it go along with your online marketing needs or do they only talk about metrics?

Look for some accomplishments on their website. If they aren’t any ask them for some references. If they aren’t able to provide neither then here’s another sign.

3. They concentrate on the rankings

Rankings are important to a successful SEO campaign but there are other factors that should be considered. After all you are just trying to make more money online. Being ranked #1 for a low competition, low volume keywords don’t help your business at all. When researching keywords look for the some of the factors below:

• Relevance

• Traffic

• Commercial intent

• Adequate competition

You can start your research with keywords that perform well.

If the SEO company is only talking about rankings do some research and see what metrics they put on top. Is their focus primarily on rankings or traffic and conversions?

4. Cookie Cutter Packs

If you see some packages that contain unrealistic promises then they probably can’t be fulfilled. If SEO was easy every website would be on the top results for their dream keywords. All websites differ and the needed work is almost never the same.

Just avoid this kind of packages.

5. They write for the search engines, not for people

Does your SEO company’s writing leave you wondering why is this even written in the first place? Is there something that can be useful? You can apply this principle when you publish their articles: ask yourself “Would I post this on Facebook?” If the answer is no then you have to start over. The content you post is of great value as it builds trust with your readers. If you give them something valuable then you shall be remembered. It is true that the search engines might give you some credit if your content is well optimized but the returns you will gain are not as valuable as when building trust with a potential customer.

If your SEO company can’t help you produce great content then it might be best to tell them to stop producing any content as it might be of bad influence for your business.


via TheSERP | Digital Marketing Agency http://www.theserp.com/6-hints-to-distinguish-the-good-seo-company-from-the-crowd/


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