How seo changed the world and why SEO is the most modern form of marketing.

I’m 100% sure you have all came across at least one post named something like “Social Media is the brand new SEO” or “Content marketing – the new SEO”. As a matter of fact the Google search results show around 4.5 million queries titled ”Title: the new SEO”,

It’s kind of obvious that there aren’t that many posts out there with the same title but it kind of feels that way sometimes. But the 3,080 results returned from inurl:is-the-new-seo show that there are a lot of authors out there that are eager to redefine SEO.

Let me get this straight, there is and never will be “new SEO”!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Websites rise and fall but SEO never changes. It has been for some time and will remain for some more.

Is it too hard?

Some time ago when the RDFa was at its prime nobody started claiming it to be the new SEO. And the reason is simple – it’s not easy. It requires a lot of effort to understand it. Yes, it has a lot of benefits, but most of the people interested in benefits look for things that require little to no effort. So for most people RDFa didn’t match the criteria.

Things like Pinterest and Twitter become an overnight success very easily. They require a lot less effort than something like learning an new markup language. Some developers have even created single-button browser add-ons that allow you to Pin an image or Tweet a page. This makes your life so much easier, right?

Before social media became the new SEO, we saw a lot of people claim content marketing is the new SEO. There was a time when some people were promoting forum signatures, blog comments, etc. as well.

And now of course the number of posts and websites which praise guest blogging is gradually decreasing.

My point here is that many people choose the easy way out in a lot of things, in what they do and what they write.

Why should it be easy?

Nowadays everyone who barely knows how to spell SEO starts claiming that he is a real expert. Then they start working with unsuspecting customers, who are screwed in the end, while the so called experts constantly peek at their PayPal account.

Allowing this kind of people to use their easily detectable and outdated techniques does injustice to any real SEO professional. In fact, we are just lowering the bar even further by allowing these people to continue working without a challenge.

Still you can find a handful of posts with techniques which are either outdated or have never been good enough to work. And most authors never think about how most people read whatever they can find on a subject so they can understand it better. This makes them unable to tell the difference between the good and the bad.

via TheSERP | Digital Marketing Agency


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