What is most important in search engine optimization local businesses.

All international SEO need localization as it helps your brand to establish a connection with a location by using the words, terms and behaviors of people from a certain region. Instead of using a generic search term hoping that it’s used universally, you want to use the terminology and language used by your targeted audience.

All in all, localization is making some of the content on your website to be tailored for a specific place or region. This means anything from terms that are only known to the local users to using map locations that are located nearby the targeted area.

It’s true that every country is different but here are some ideas on how to approach localization.

First steps in localization

Before you begin your efforts in localization you need to do some research. The Internet has many stories about badly translated advertisements, so don’t be fooled that you can just pay for direct translation and everything will work out. Let’s assume you are investing in an international SEO and you are serious about localization in a new country. Understand your future customers:

  • How is your product used by them?
  • From where do they acquire it?
  • What name have they given it?
  • Who do you have to outrun on the local market?
  • Is there some cultural sensitivity about your product that you should be aware of?

These questions are required in order to put together a solid marketing strategy and also they will help you create an inbound linking strategy which will help your SEO be even more successful.

Finding the right keywords

Even something like sandwiches is called different ways in different countries. This is why a generic set of keywords will not be enough to succeed.

Not only that the products are referred to with different names in different countries, but sometimes they are called differently in different regions within one country.

In order to truly understand how your new audience in this country will respond to your product or service you need to do a lot of research:

  • Look up the ways your competition is advertising their product or service in the same market.
  • Find where your competitors get their inbound links from.
  • Read some blogs and other similar sources to see how local people react to these products and services.
  • Ask some people from the region how will they react to potential new content.

Doing a little bit of research will help you out a lot to see if you are going in the right direction or you need to adjust a little more to the locals.

Some additional ideas

Make sure you add physical locations in other countries on Google Places and complete some additional profiles which will add credibility to your international location. This will also help you in the localized searches.

If you have any locals to the targeted country and region you should consider having them start blogging and contributing content on the targeted domain and its subdomains. This gives you some inbound links from within the targeted country and complements to a multi-country strategy as well.


Localization is the difference between creating a strategy that will allow you to truly connect with your audience and doing a generic SEO campaign with hopes of success thanks to luck. Take your time; understand your audience and their behavior, preferences and habits and your effort will surely pay off.

via TheSERP | Digital Marketing Agency http://www.theserp.com/what-is-most-important-in-search-engine-optimization-local-businesses/

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