The modern way to advertise – Digital Marketing.

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There was a time when the only way to sell your product or brand was door to door.

You had to print out brochures, give them away to strangers on the streets or hold meetings where you could promote your company.

Still, you don’t have to leave your comfortable chair to promote your company anymore, because face to face meetings with the consumers can be arranged vie Skype, Google talk or you could simply include customer support to your site. Today, those days are far behind us, even though your marketing strategy might include face to face meetings with your customers.

You can sell everything you want on the Internet these days, from books, utility products, clothes, even helpful advices.

The marketing of products and brands through the Internet is called digital marketing and it is by far the most convenient way for promotion, for the customers and the companies alike.

the history of advertising

The digital marketing strategy includes affiliate marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, marketing trough social media platforms, video streaming and many other Internet connected devices.

The World Wide Web is the best way to expand your success, because you can sell your name all over the globe, regardless of your whereabouts.

There are millions of users all over the globe, or to be precise, according to the latest statistics there are 2,405,518,376 Internet users on all 7 continents.

That is a huge number of users and with the right marketing strategy millions of them can be visiting your website every day.

Not all websites are successful however, and you need to be fierce in your attempts to attract the right audience.

As the time goes by, more and more people make the choice to purchase online as the easiest and most suitable buying method.

You, as a company, have to make sure you provide your customers with the right products, deliver proper information about the promoted brand and make sure they are always satisfied with their purchasing decision.

Today’s most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not used only for surfing and communicating, but for advertising and marketing support as well. They allow you to make your own personalized page, where you can link your website, attract your audience and boost your sales.

There are many other social networks that you can use as advertising platforms alongside above mentioned ones, like LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg and others, and they all have their pros and cons.

Always keep up with the trends and make sure you know where your targeted audience is surfing.

Use every marketing strategy there is, from Google ads, to affiliate programs to SEO professionals, to assure you are on the right track to becoming the best among your competition.

Always allow customer feedback on your website.

That way, you will be able to gain your customers support and loyalty and build up to the desired level of success.

You can always find marketing agencies that will help you win the race in the advertising world, offering variety of different services from SEO to Web development, mobile application development and online public relations.

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What is SEO a Consultant ?

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SEO consultants, you may have heard of these types of employees. You also may have heard how they can make your websites more viewable and easier to find in search engines such as Google, or Bing by just putting in simple key words related to the website. But honestly is it that simple? Unfortunately not a lot of people are aware of some of the things an SEO consultant really does. So here is an overview of a few things an SEO consultant does.

Strategizing with the Client


  • Each and every step taken with the SEO consultant and their clients in the SEO process begins with this. The two go over the actions taken so far by the SEO consultant or company to further meet the goal of the client. Besides the action taken they will also review the analytics, future plans on this process and the expected results as this is done to ensure the client that they are moving in the right direction towards the client’s objectives.

Making Comprehensive Research


  • For a SEO consultant to deliver effective results they must understand their client’s work and website. Where they usually would ask for the client to deliver a list of every webpage the client has produced on their website in order from oldest to most current. As the consultant would afterward make a complete analysis of the client’s website.

  • The consultant would also need to make another analysis on inbound links to the website and their relevancy including which keyword drives in a solid amount of traffic and afterwards use competitive keywords to see which can bring in a similar amount of traffic to the client’s website.

  • Also the consultant would need to make a baseline report on the website regarding specifically targeted words that came out of the keyword analysis previously mentioned. This is to help compare or rank the client’s website amongst competitors on specific search engines and keywords.

Making Validations and Recommendations


  • HTML validation is the process of examining syntax of HTML code. HTML which is short for Hyper Text Markup Language is the authoring language used to create documents on the web. It helps define the structure and layout of the Web document. As there are specific rules in setting up a HTML code the SEO Consultant must ensure none of these rules are violated in any way as this can result in a search engines like Google unable to read the client’s HTML code resulting in an improper display of the client’s webpage in their results, or even worse, unable to display it at all.

  • Upon analyzing the results of various research conducted by the consultant they may make recommendations to help improve the client’s website. Some recommendations they may make would be optimizing the page text elements, source code, URL, page titles, Meta tags, file names and more. This is done to help make the website become more visible to the public and easier to find in search engines.

Once the SEO consultant finishes processing all these information and performing various tasks, they would need to redo the whole process again. Using the baseline report they would have to set up an ongoing monitoring of the client’s rank in the search engine and analyze their results. So in a nutshell this is what a SEO Consultant does.

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Introducing the Winners of 2013 Cannabis Cup Seattle

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2013 Seattle US Cannabis Cup – Day One

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